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Mega Booster Anti-Radiation is made from minerals and metals that sophistically are fused and structurally bonded together at a molecular level. It produces healing energy that helps enhance the body’s biofield.

The Quantum frequency from Mega Booster Anti-Radiation promotes positive flow of healing energy and helps to maintain energy balance into the cell core by protecting the DNA from bad waves. It helps to restore energy that has become weak in the body. By restoring the energy balance in the body it helps one to maintain health and well-being, especially for people who have electromagnetic hypersensitivity.

The Energy from the Mega Booster Anti-Radiation works outwardly and within the body. Outwardly, Energy enhances the body’s bio-field. Inwardly it works to facilitate cell healing and permeability therefore enhances the many physiological functions of the cells in the body.

The Energy from Mega Booster Anti-Radiation is created from technically engineered natural mineral particles which are specifically graded to isolate certain sized particles, targeted for their inherent resonance. The particles are then recombined using “Nano Fusion Technology” in specific ratios, fused and structurally bonded together at a molecular level by using several high heat fusion methods.

The combination of the minerals and the fusion techniques produces a catalytic conversion of energy, developing a long lasting natural quality which has the ability to be transferred to any liquid, renewing the natural Nano molecular structure.

After that all the components of Mega Booster Anti-Radiation is fused together, the phase where it gets loaded with several anti radiational and body healing biofeedback frequency and submolecules starts. After this top classified loading phase, the Mega Booster Anti-Radiation enters a new phase that temporarily puts the submolecule in “sleeping mode”.
When the Mega Booster Anti-Radiation is placed between the hands for three minutes, the body’s biofield acts as an activation.

Positive Ions make us feel tired, depressed and irritable Positive Ions are generated from electromagnetic radiation which is given off from our mobile phones, computers, lights, hair dryers, televisions etc.

The renewed molecular structure is similar to those found in health natural spring water.
Like fruit and vegetables the body slowly loses its Nano molecular structure, as we age the cells have less ability to absorb liquid. The cell can be re-hydrated at a molecular level to provide energy liquid, using the Mega Booster Anti-Radiation.

Mega Booster Anti-Radiation are non magnetic, not electrical and require no maintenance after activation they are inert and are not radioactive.

Studies have been made to show how the Mega Booster Anti-Radiation affects the blood cells.
A blood sample from a random client was taken before and after usage of Mega Booster Anti-Radiation, and as you can witness in the picture underneath, the blood cells has taken rouleaux formation (clumped together). When the blood gets in this condition the amount oxygen that can be transported is diminished. Due to the fact that your cells are getting a reduced amount of oxygen you will feel tired, fatigue, and short of breath.

Another blood sample was taken from the same client two weeks after the first sample.
A noticeably change has happened and now the blood cells are more freely which is a indication of plenty of oxygen and a larger energy “aura” is clearly present .

A blood sample was taken from another person that suffered from severe fatigue and constant headache.
As shown in the picture below, the red blood cells are stacked together in the rouleaux formation and damage from the bad positive loaded free radicals. This leads to poor circulation and decreased oxygen transportation to the cells, which means that the red blood cells now also have reduced waste removal capabilities.

The second blood sample was taken two weeks after the start of using the Mega Booster Anti-Radiation. Now it is possible to see that the red blood cells are not as stacked together as the first sample was. A clear progress has been made.

The last blood sample was taken 48 days, which is the equivalent to four weeks, after the start of using Mega Booster Anti-Radiation. Comparison to the first sample now is very visible to see the significant difference. The red blood cells are now moving much more freely and the present of rouleaux has reduced significant. In general the blood cells look much healthier now that the present of bad positive loaded free radicals has decreased.
The person stated that a major difference in her energy level has happened during the four weeks, she now feels more alert and focused. She also stated that she didn’t have headache as often as she used to, and when she did it wasn’t as severe.

One of the great concerns arising from the development of genetics in modern science is that new organisms are being created when very little is known about the functioning of biological systems at the molecular level. Making synthetic alterations to a complex natural system whose basic organizational patterns are not understood is considered by many to be the equivalent to leaving the development of new computer software to technicians who know next to nothing about computer programming.
Despite this level of ignorance, at the molecular level, there is growing evidence of influences on gene expression and function emanating from an even deeper level of bio‐physical existence, that is, the influences which emanate from the subatomic or ‘quantum’ levels of life. The potential role of such influences open up new possibilities for a more sophisticated understanding of organism management from the most fundamental level of biological structure. The biotechnology community currently understands even less in this level than the aspects of gene control and regulation operating from the molecular level.
This level is so important, because until this deeper level of functioning is recognized and accommodated it is highly unlikely that the long‐term consequences of randomly introducing extraneous molecular sequences into organisms through genetic engineering can be adequately predicted. But the fact is, few people be aware of this now. Quantum bio‐effects are likely to operate through channels whose existence is currently barely even conceived of by most genetic engineers. The primary focus of the genetic engineer continues almost exclusively at the molecular level of biological functioning, and essential interdisciplinary communication with the physics community remains extremely limited. This area is completely ”off the radar” for all except only a few biotechnologists.
Not only the genetics part, but also many other fields of the biology need to be understood in the quantum scale. Many important biological processes taking place in cells are driven and controlled by events that involve electronic degrees of freedom and, therefore, require a quantum physics description, where . For example, in enzymatically catalyzed and cellular biochemical reactions, bond breaking and bond formation events are intimately tied to changes in the electronic degrees of freedom. Another important field is key events during photosynthesis in plants and ”energy metabolism in eukaryotes” also warrant a quantum mechanical description ‐ from the absorption of light in the form of photons by the photosynthetic apparatus, to electron transfer processes sustaining the electrochemical membrane potential. Because of the importance of sensing light to both plants (for regulating vital functions) and animals (for vision), the interaction between light and biological photoreceptors is widespread in nature, and also requires a quantum mechanical description. A prime example is the protein rhodopsin, which is present in the retina of the human eye and plays a key role in vision.

As in any other academic field, Quantum Biophysics also has many branches, with different interested areas and methods. Here we can only introduce some of them, which we think are interesting and comparatively easy to be understood.

Self‐Organization, or Self‐Assembly is defined as the spontaneous organization of individual components into an ordered system‐structure. “Self‐Organization” dynamics is working in a number of “Quantum Bio‐Physics” structural  changes, acting without any interference of external agents. Quantum biophysics would demonstrate a reasonable strategy to interpret Self‐organization in “nano‐biology”, taking in consideration the synchronic effect of parallel processing between “local and no‐local” co‐evolutional information energy exchanges among DNA, RNA, and Protein. By neutralizing the bad positive loaded free radicals the oxidation has now slowed down and higher energy loaded molecules is now produced by the cell.

The picture to the right shows the difference between a molecule that is affected by bad positive loaded free radical and one that isn’t.
Protein synthesis is a sophisticated energy‐consuming process, where any risk of “mis‐folding” needs to be corrected without delay, because the functional mutation of proteins in the cell is very dangerous. It must avoid metabolic diseases in every living cell. The correct self‐folding of proteins is normally assisted by cofactors named “Chaperons”, the last works as complemented structures of “Ribosome”, to regulate through the “Endoplasmatic Membrane” the performance of the process of protein’s folding, in order to fold the polypeptide chains of amino‐acids, and assemble correctly functional groups of proteins to yield active mature protein’s structures. In the case of “mis‐folding”, other enzymes called “chaperonins complexes” help to destroy immediately the mutant‐proteins to avoid serious diseases. The problem that remains to understand is the organization of signal communication in a way that “Ribosome/ER/ Chaperons “, can work in a field of synchronic signal information, forming a highly organized pathway of bio‐ transformations. Certainly we can observe that such synergy of co‐organization, for getting a correct in vivo‐folding of the proteins, cannot work as a statistical search of probable conformations. This is because it would take an astronomical amount of time, and large amounts of energy will be dissipated if the properly functional conformation is choose by a trial and error method, while in vivo, the protein’s folding works at a rapid rate, sometime on the range of nanosecond scale. Current studies of ribosomal interactions with Endoplasmic Reticulum ”ER”, demonstrate the importance of the nano‐organization of ER as “super lattice network” of adjacent nano‐ tubules, vesicles and sacs and cavities, contained in the inner membranes with a granular length of nanoscale dimensions. Today, in the Post Genomic Era, the understanding of the “Ribosome/ER/ Chaperons “self assisted assembly, can be seen in Quantum Bio‐Physics as a simultaneity of communication in an Information in Energy field, working in a nanoscale space‐time region.

To help the cells communication the Mega Booster Anti-Radiation emits quantum bio-feedback frequencies that enhance this. Not only does the communication between the cells become enhanced but also the signals that is present during transcription and replication of the DNA.

Everything is frequency. Life is frequency. Both you and I are made from frequencies.
The Mega Booster Anti-Radiation heals the body with its good quantum bio-feedback frequencies and neutralizes the bad ones, giving you a stronger protecting aura and a more balanced chakra.

Mega Booster Anti-Radiation, life’s frequency

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